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Do I have to fill out an application?

Yes. You are required to create an application to apply for positions. Any required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). However, the more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your qualifications.

Do I have to submit a resume and cover letter?

Yes, a resume and cover letter are required for every position.

Can I attach a different resume for each position I apply?

Yes, you may attach a unique resume and/or cover letter for every position for which you apply.

Will my resumes be saved?

Yes, all resumes you have previously submitted will be saved to your account.

Do I have to fill out the “Work Experience” and “Education” pages if I plan on attaching my resume?

Although this information will be auto populated from your resume, you should confirm its accuracy.

Can I apply via email?

Applicants are required to apply via our Career Opportunities website for a specific position(s).

What if I do not have access to a computer to complete an application?

Your local library may provide free internet access for you to complete your application. The Merced Library is located at 2100 O St, Merced, CA 95340. Their phone number is (209) 385-7643. Information for all other Merced County Library Branches can be found at

What if I forgot my password?

After choosing “Sign In”, click on the “Forgot Password”. Once you enter your user name, you will be emailed a temporary password.

What if I forgot my user name?

After choosing “Sign In”, click on the “Forgot User Name”. Once you enter your primary email address, you will be emailed your user name.

Can I make changes to my application?

Once you have submitted an application to a particular position, you will not be able to make edits or changes to that application.

My resume is on paper and I don’t have a scanner. How can I submit it using your online system?

Our system allows you to copy and paste or create a resume.

Do I need an email address to use the online application system?

Yes, an email address is required to use the online application system. Free email accounts are available from major web-service providers such as Yahoo! (Yahoo! Mail), Microsoft (MSN Hotmail, or Windows Live Mail) or Google (Gmail).

How do I withdraw my application?

To remove your application from consideration for a position, click on the "Withdraw Application" link in the status field for that position. If you withdraw your application, your application for that position will be cancelled.

How can I be sure that my electronic application was received?

Upon successful submission of your application, users will see a confirmation message indicating that the application has been received. You can also view your submitted applications by logging in to the Candidate Gateway in our system.

I applied weeks ago but haven’t heard anything from the hiring department. What should I do?

Review of applications may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, or more, depending on the department needs. You may check the status of your application at any time by logging into the UC Merced Careers Opportunities website with your user name and password. If you select the My Activities link, you will see the status of all of your applications.

How are job interviews arranged?

If you have been selected for an interview you will be contacted directly via phone or email.

How often are jobs posted?

New jobs may be posted on a daily basis. You are encouraged to check the Career Opportunities website often.

What does “Career” mean?

Career refers to a position that is indefinite with no established end date.

What does “Limited” mean?

A Limited position is one in which there is a definite end date. Limited positions may work up to 1,000 hours.

What if I need an accommodation to apply for a position?

UC Merced will provide special accommodations for applicants with disabilities as necessary. Please contact Human Resources office for assistance at (209) 228-8247 or by email at

Are background checks performed for all new employees?

Not for all positions; however, a criminal background check is conducted for those positions designated as "critical." Critical positions are those that have direct responsibility for the care, safety and security of humans or safety and security of personal or University property.

Does UC Merced administer drug testing?

Some positions require drug testing prior to hire or during the course of employment. If drug testing is required, the posting will state this requirement in the job posting.

How can I get my foot in the door at UC Merced if I haven’t been selected for one of their career positions?

UC Merced offers limited positions. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for any of the limited, continuous recruitment positions offered.

I still have questions about career opportunities at UC Merced. Who should I contact?

You can contact Human Resources for an update on any Staff position by email at or by calling (209) 228-8247. Please have the Job ID and posting title available. Please note that it may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for the review of applications.