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How to apply as an internal applicant

How to Apply for a Job: Internal Applicants


  1. Active UC Merced employees will log in to UCPath Online Portal


  1. Click on Recruiting Workcenter.

Note: Your menu items may differ depending on your access.


  1. You will be redirected to the Recruiting Workcenter. Click UC Merced Campus Careers.


  1. To review the job postings, you can search using Keywords or browse all open job postings.


  1. You can select More Options to add additional search parameters.



  1. Select the Job Posting that you would like to apply for.


  1. You will be directed to the Job Posting.


  1. Review the job posting details to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications of the position. Click on Apply.

  1. You will be required to go through each section of the application.

  1. Apply: Prequalification Notices and Agreements

Read the Application Prequalification’s Notices and Agreements. Click the box indicating that you have read and agree to the terms. Click on Next to continue.

  1. Apply: Prequalify

Respond to the required Prequalification Questions to determine eligibility to continue with the application process.


If you are eligible to continue, you will receive the following message:


  1. Apply: Resume


Attach your resume and cover letter. Click Next.


Note: Your previous resumes will be saved on your account. You can choose to use a previous resume or upload a new resume.


  1. Apply: Preferences


On this step, you will able to enter any personal preferences regarding start date, willingness to travel, preference of full- or part-time employment, etc. Responses are optional.



  1. Apply: Qualifications


Using the information provided on your resume, the Experience and Education tabs should already contain your personal information. Please review for accuracy and add any additional accomplishments and click Next.

  1. Apply: Referrals

  1. Apply: Review/Submit


Review your application information and click Submit Application.

  1. You will receive the following confirmation message:

  1. You can click on My Activities to view the status of your applications or withdraw.