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Code Title Unit Opened Status
SHR9342A Employment Coordinator Human Resources 12/06/2019 Open
SSHA9332A Staff and Academic Personnel Analyst School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts 11/22/2019 Open
SSER9328A Community Relations Representative External Relations 11/21/2019 Open
SENG9326A Department Specialist Supervisor School of Engineering 11/19/2019 Open
SHRL9316A Custodian Supervisor Housing & Residence Life 11/14/2019 Open
SBFS9313A Operations Supervisor Business and Financial Services 11/10/2019 Open
SCO9308A Public Records Act, Conflict of Interest & Legal Services Coordinator (Contract) Chancellor's Office 11/08/2019 Open
SSCIE9312A Operations Business Analyst Center for Institutional Effectiveness 11/08/2019 Open
SENG9311A Research Administrator II or III (contract) School of Engineering 11/08/2019 Open
SLIB9309A Library Administrative Officer Library 11/08/2019 Open
SOS9303A Assistant Ombuds Office of Ombuds Services 11/07/2019 Open
SNS8920B Biological Sciences Instructional Lab Supervisor School of Natural Sciences 11/06/2019 Open
SBFS9304A Logistics Supervisor Business and Financial Services 11/01/2019 Open
SSHA9289A Research Liaison School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts 10/31/2019 Open
SOR9277A Vernal Pools and Grasslands Reserve Director Office of Research 10/17/2019 Open
SOR9280A Contract & Grants Accounting Officer Office of Research 10/17/2019 Open
SOR9279A Sr. Contract & Grant Accounting Officer (contract) Office of Research 10/17/2019 Open
SOR9276A Yosemite & Sequoia Reserves Director Office of Research 10/17/2019 Open
SBFS9275A Strategic Sourcing Analyst - Procurement Business and Financial Services 10/16/2019 Open
SBFS9273A Tax Compliance Analyst IV Business and Financial Services 10/15/2019 Open
SFA9268A Financial Wellness Coordinator Financial Aid 10/14/2019 Open
SAO9267A Admissions Transfer Credit Articulation Analyst and Data Manager Admissions and Outreach 10/13/2019 Open
SENG9262A Assessment Analyst School of Engineering 10/11/2019 Open
SAO9261A Admissions Evaluator Admissions and Outreach 10/10/2019 Open
SENG9259A Administrative Officer (2-year Contract) School of Engineering 10/09/2019 Open
SSER9184A Regional Director of Development (Greater Los Angeles Area or Greater Bay Area) External Relations 09/16/2019 Open
SSER9164A Assistant Director of Protocol & Special Events External Relations 09/06/2019 Open
SSNRI8993B Research Administrator 3 (Revised) Sierra Nevada Research Institute 09/06/2019 Open
SFAC9150A Facilities Manager (2-Positions) Facilities 08/28/2019 Open
SSA9051A Coordinator of Student Conduct and Integrity Programs Student Affairs 07/19/2019 Open
SFAC8865A ENERGY MANAGER Facilities 04/26/2019 Open
SENG8349A Communications & Marketing Manager (Contract) School of Engineering 08/17/2018 Open

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